If you are on this page you either are in the market for a Custom Website, or are, at least, thinking about the possibility of getting one. Good! You've taken the first steps, right? Actually, your first steps would be to get information from people you know AND trust. If they have one, who built it? Who else has a business similar to yours? Take those steps first before you start to think about spending money.

Town Square Quote You might think, "Can I do this myself?" Yes, but you need to buy some software to do it. Good web design software will run you $100.00 and maybe a bit more. If you need software to make custom graphics, figure about $50 or more.

Just a note - doing your own website, while rewarding, can be time consuming and frustrating It's much nicer to have Personal Attention. Design.

Habit Have unanswered questions? You can find answers to a number of your questions on our F.A.Q. page. Take a look and you may be ready for your next steps sooner than you think.

I offer free consulting and if, for some reason, what you need is seriously beyond my scope of experience, I WILL be the FIRST to tell you. Call me or email me. Your time is on MY dime.

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